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We Offer Compelling Video Production That Connects
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At Creative Productions, we offer a wide range of video production to help drive your business forward. Simply, tell us your goals and relax. Your message is in safe hands.

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Local Councils / Government

At the heart of government operations is effective communication. By harnessing the power of video, your government agency or department not only communicates but captivates the entire community or specific stakeholders, making a genuine impact.
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Corporate Videos

Utilise video as a powerful tool to enhance your online business visibility. Showcase your business, connect with your customer, offer insights into your company, launch products, engage your employees, or convey essential information.
video production

Event Coverage

Capture your event, concert, brand launch, corporate seminar, conference, or open day with us. We’ll capture and preserve all the memorable moments. Our experience includes covering events like the iconic IFTA Awards, Trade Expos, Festivals, and Community events.
video production

Marketing / Social Media

In today’s digital-focused world, video provides the competitive edge to turn clicks into sales. From Facebook and Instagram to Twitter and LinkedIn, we specialise in creating videos that will help optimise your social campaigns.
video production

Promotional Videos

Elevate your business with a professionally produced video, competing on par with major corporations. In modern marketing, a strong digital presence is key, and video provides the edge to convert clicks into sales.
video production

Training / Demonstration

Quality training improves outcomes, whether it’s for health and safety, employee induction, or professional development. Video is the optimal method for explaining concepts, demonstrating equipment use, or communicating organisational change.


Broadcast / Music / Documentaries

We are dedicated to producing high-quality, compelling content that meets the standards of broadcast media and documentary filmmaking. We have the expertise to bring your vision to life. Trust us to deliver visually stunning and emotionally resonant videos, ready for broadcast.

Drone Photography

Elevate your video content with our Drone Photography services. Let us capture stunning aerial shots that provide a unique and captivating perspective. Our drone capabilities bring a new dimension to your video. Trust us to deliver high-quality, dynamic visuals that stand out and leave a lasting impression.

Video for Schools / Sports Clubs

From engaging promotional videos, documenting important milestones, to capturing memorable moments of school activities and sporting events. We ensure that your school or sports club is represented with professionalism and enthusiasm. Let us turn your events into compelling stories that you will want to share online.


How Creative Productions Carlow can help your business with compelling Video Production & Graphic Design


Create tailor-made video content with clear goals to resonate with your audience and drive desired actions effectively.


Enhance your online presence with captivating video content that showcases your brand's personality, expertise, and value proposition.


Save time and money by leveraging video content to communicate your message quickly and effectively across multiple platforms.


Utilise video to foster deeper engagement with your audience, leveraging its dynamic and immersive nature to captivate viewers and build meaningful connections.

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For further inquiries or details, feel free to reach out to us directly, and our team will be happy to assist you.

We Create Virtual Reality Tours

Allow your customers to immerse themselves in your business through the medium of Virtual Reality.

Why Use Video?

Incorporating video into your marketing strategy not only enhances engagement but also boosts brand awareness and drives conversions.

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At Creative Productions, we specialise in drone video and photography services offering businesses a distinct advantage in today’s competitive market, allowing them to showcase their key offerings from breathtaking aerial perspectives. Through stunning aerial footage and dynamic imagery, our drone technology enables businesses to highlight their products, services, and locations in a way that captivates audiences and drives customer interest.

Whether it’s showcasing expansive landscapes, architectural marvels, or product demonstrations, our drone video and photography add a unique and compelling dimension to marketing campaigns. With our expertise in leveraging drone technology, businesses can elevate their brand, stand out in their industry, and attract more customers to their products and services. At Creative Productions, we’re committed to helping businesses soar above the competition with our professional drone services.

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